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Welcome to our dentistry in Gainesville, FL. We are a full service dentistry focusing on cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, surgical dentistry (tooth extractions), teeth cleaning and whitening.

Oral health receives a lot of attention these days with the resurgence of modern teeth whitening systems. However, the development of new technologies in dentistry necessitates the attention of committed dentists and dental work experts. Recent studies indicate that more dental health workers are just in for the money. They treat dentistry and its branches as means to make lucrative business. Therefore, choosing a dentist is a crucial move, for the sake of your oral and financial health.

Friendly, attentive dental care in Gainesville

Our friendly staff will help make your dental treatments more pleasant and relaxing.

Our friendly doctors and staff will make you feel welcome right away. We regard our patients like family and do everything we can to make them feel at home and comfortable.

We treat the whole patient, not just the specific dental problem. Our dentists will take their time talking with you and answering any questions you may have and letting you know best treatment options.

Comprehensive dental services in Gainesville

In addition to all the usual services you would expect of a dental practice, we also provide the following services:

We offer most dental services you need, from cleanings and checkups to smile makeovers and dental implants.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Prothodonitcs
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • TMJ Disorder Treatment
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Oral Surgery (Tooth Extractions)
  • Gum Disease treatment
  • Invisalign
  • Sleep Apnea

From professional, regular cleanings to more complex dental procedures, we can help you restore the beauty and function of your smile in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and as painlessly as possible.

Our dentistry is conveniently located in NW Gaiensville, FL. We are a small group dental practitioners dedicated to providing the very best dental care we can to our family of patients. Moreover, the goal of our dentists and dental staff members is to make dentistry fun, educational, and relaxing. We know that it is our patients that make this possible.

Saving Teeth

Own teeth saved thanks to high-magnification root canal treatment under the microscope, rarely require further treatment and are usually preserved for life.

Our dentists offer you a full range of the most modern dental services for children and adults in a nice, stress-free atmosphere. We always adapt to the needs of our patients, because our ultimate goal is their full satisfaction. We guarantee dental services at the highest quality and aesthetic level.

To enjoy a beautiful smile you should take care of your teeth consistently. Daily care protects teeth and gums, and systematic reviews allow you to quickly respond to emerging changes and possible threats. We are a dentistry that reminds you of follow-up visits every 6 months.

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First Visit

During the first visit, we listen to patient’s expectations and talk about their needs. We carry out the necessary tests and diagnostics.

Dental News Articles Insights Gainesville FL Blog

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetics of your smile in our hands. We promote aesthetics for a healthy and beautiful smile.

prosthodontics gainesville


The achievements of modern prosthetics guarantee the best aesthetic and health effect.

prosthodontics gainesville

Dental Implants

We are always looking for the best solution. In many cases it is an implant. Titanium root causes that our patients can fully smile and enjoy life.

prosthodontics gainesville

Teeth Whitening

Philips ZOOM®! Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that brightens their color. Taking care of the structure of the teeth, we obtain a spectacular effect, satisfaction and smile of our patients.

prosthodontics gainesville


The Invisalign® system is an innovative method of treating malocclusion. Teeth are straightened by a series of almost invisible aligners (overlays) prepared in 3D technology.

prosthodontics gainesville


Precise 2D and 3D diagnostics as well as special procedures and experience of our doctors make the microscopic endodontics take place during one visit.

prosthodontics gainesville


Our skills and the most modern equipment guarantee the success of even the most complex surgical treatments.

prosthodontics gainesville

Pediatric Dentistry

A special care program for our children. No stress, no fear, no pain. With a smile and a desire to return.

prosthodontics gainesville

TMJ Treatment


prosthodontics gainesville

Sleep Apnea